Anglo-Russian Pre-school Bilingual Education Programme

    Англо-русский детский сад в Лондоне для детей от 2-х лет.  Наш адрес:16 Abbey Road, London, NW8 9BD.

Term and holiday dates 2019/2020


 Autumn 2019

 Starts                       Tuesday 3rd September

 Half term                  Monday 21st October – 25th October

                                  Back to School: Monday 28th October

 Ends                          Friday 13th December


 Spring 2020

 Starts                       Monday  6th January

 Half term                 Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February

                                  Back to School: Monday 24th February

 Ends                         Friday 3rd of April


 Summer 2020

 Starts                        Monday 20th April

 Half term                  Monday 25th May -29th May

                                   Back to School: Monday 1st June

 Ends                          Friday 10th July


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