Anglo-Russian Pre-school Bilingual Education Programme

    Англо-русский детский сад в Лондоне для детей от 2-х лет.  Наш адрес:16 Abbey Road, London, NW8 9BD.

Anglo-Russian Pre-school is a private school in St Johns Wood which offers a structured bilingual program taught both in Russian and in English.


In the Pre-school your child will have the opportunity to naturally acquire an additional language.


We are lucky to be living in an international and vibrant city such as London, which is why we believe that offering a bilingual education to children has many advantages.


It is in these early years that children are at their most receptive to picking up new languages, so what better time to benefit from this opportunity to give them that fantastic start in life!


In today’s society, speaking at least 2 languages is not only enriching in many ways, but has also become the norm.


The programme will be taught in both Russian and English, which means that the children will not just learn these languages but will in fact be learning through them.


This is what is meant by true bilingualism through immersion.

Subsequently, your child will be taught in Russian in the morning and in English in the afternoon, or vice versa.



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